About us

Located just west of Interstate 35E, in a little nondescript shopping center just off FM 407, resides an unassuming Italian restaurant that seems to have grown up out of nowhere.

Nick and his wife Frida's background comes from the coasts of the Mediterranean and which later spent many years in New York City where they found their passion for great pizza and that delicious homemade italian pasta.  Almost 20 years later, they have built a name for themselves and their two daughters. They run a simple, no-frills restaurant that depends on quality and of course their wonderful customers to get by. Everything on the menu tastes great, including the Award Winning  New York Style Pizza. The atmosphere provides for a cozy, family oriented dining experience we are sure you'll love. Nick's offers free delivery, and if you dine in, feel free to bring your own bottle!


Come say hello and you too will feel the charm of a locally owned, family run Italian restaurant that takes pride in what they do.